See how technology can improve your game.

We have a wide range of tools available that can be used for various purposes.  Whether a small tweak, improving your game, or changing things altogether, our tools can give you the assistance you need.

Technology Just for You


FlightScope is the world’s first ever 3-D Doppler Radar for sports. EDH, the maker of this amazing device, is a global high-tech company that originally began in 1989 by manufacturing Doppler Radar Systems for defense and military purposes. Since that time they have expanded and become world leaders in the development and manufacturing of ball tracking monitors. FlightScope is used in golf to measure an incredible amount of data about both the golf ball and club. It measures spin rate, launch angle, club head speed, face angle, club path, angle of attack ,and much more. FlightScope is used by top golf instructors, tour players, club fitters, and manufacturers around the world. We are excited to have this technology to better serve you!

GC2 Launch Monitor

This device provides extremely accurate data, which we use in our club fitting process. It measures vertical launch angle, ball speed, backspin, sidespin, azimuth, and more! We also have simulation software that is perfectly paired with the GC2 to allow users to visually see their ball flight. Our GC2 and software combine for a first class golf simulator experience and can be used in multiple modes, including driving range, club fitting, closest to the pin competitions, and course mode! Our simulator is available to rent for practice, competition, or for playing a virtual golf course.

Video Coaching Systems

V1 Sports has created one of the premier software programs for golf instruction. This software allows us to see student’s swings in slow motion and use analyzation tools to better diagnose each student’s swing. It also allows us to do voice-over lessons which can be sent directly to students via email. V1 is available as a free app.


Sky Pro

The Ping SkyPro is a great piece of technology that allows us to analyze a variety of different parameters within the golf swing. The SkyPro is extremely accurate. It records 3,600 measurements a second and allows users to see their swing in a 3D view from every angle. SkyPro measures and monitors club head speed, swing tempo, shaft angle and lean at address, club face angle throughout the swing, backswing length, shaft angle at impact, and more!