Lynn McNee, LPGA


I grew up in a golfing family in Michigan and was exposed to the game at four years old.  I played junior golf but became focused on swimming and diving in high school.  My dad encouraged me to try out for the golf team at Ferris State University.  I ended up playing four years of collegiate golf while enrolled in the Professional Golf Management program.  This reignited my love of the game.  After college I moved to Arizona, met my husband, and have been working in the golf business around the Phoenix Valley.  I have worked in all aspects of the business but teaching golf has always been my true passion.  I have been an active member of the LPGA for 25 years and joined the Reid West Golf Academies in 2015.

Taking a golf lesson can be an overwhelming experience but finding the right instructor can ease the stress.  I take pride in giving LPGA Student Centered lessons.  This means the lesson is all about you!  I make sure my students feel comfortable so that together we can establish realistic goals and set a plan for improvement.  I use a simple yet effective way of communicating to help you understand and “own” the information so you can play to your true potential.  Whether you are a new golfer, someone trying to take your game to the next level, or even if you just want to have more fun, I would love to help you reach your golf goals.

Reid West Golf Academies is a group of passionate, motivated instructors who work hard to help their students improve and gain more enjoyment from the game in a comfortable environment.  As a group we bounce ideas off of each other so when you are taking a lesson at Reid West Golf Academies, you are receiving collective knowledge from over a dozen of the top instructors in golf.