Lauri Martineau


In 2003 I began training to become a Pilates Instructor. I received my full certification through STOTT PILATES in 2007 while at the same time becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I teach using the Pilates Reformer and Tower to build core strength, increase flexibility, stabilize hips and shoulders and to improve balance and coordination. I also utilize other fitness tools to add variety and to maximize the effectiveness or your workouts including the TRX Power Suspension System, the BOSU Balance Trainer and Myofascial Release Foam Rollers. As part of my continuing education, I am specializing in three different tracks: Active for Life, Post-Rehabilitation and Golf Conditioning.

I focus on creating a personalized exercise program based on your goals. I include any necessary modifications to keep you safe and encourage quality over quantity. Learning to have more body awareness helps you control your moves better, so we spend time making sure you use good form and proper breathing techniques. Sometimes a small adjustment can make all the difference. 

As your Sun City West Fitness Instructor, I can design the exercise program you need to complement and improve your golf game. You can book private sessions, duets or small group training with me at the Practice Center. To summarize, I would describe my workout philosophy as having fun while also being safety-oriented, quality focused and effective.