Jacob Suarez

Jacob Suarez, PGA


Jacob Suarez grew up playing golf in his native Southern California and is one of the lucky few who turned his passion into his career. After completing a collegiate-level competitive playing career, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and in October 2017, was inducted to the PGA as a Class “A” Professional. He joins the Reid/West Golf Academies after gaining instruction experience teaching at multiple top-100 private, public, and resort golf courses along the West Coast. Jacob is a student of the game and employs a variety of instructional techniques to work directly with the abilities of any student; to give them the knowledge and the confidence needed in their game. Jacob enjoys teaching a variety of players, ranging from men, women, seniors, and juniors of all skill levels. Recently, Jacob has begun to specialize in junior development for the Reid/West Golf Academies, focusing on junior players from multiple skill levels, and helping pique their interest in order to develop them into lifelong players of the game. Each lesson is begun with the same intention: provide the fundamentals necessary to instill positive swing habits that allow for a consistent swing each student can rely on. His main goal, is to make golf a more accessible and enjoyable game for all players.

I can and will adapt my teaching style based on physical abilities and desires of player. My only interest is help people improve and achieve their goals.

Reid West Golf Academies is th elargest academy in the state of Arizona and allows me the opportunity to help golfers of all levels reach their golf dreams.