Antoine Dumas


Experienced instructor and has been teaching golf for over 19 years as a member of United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF). Commercial Double for Tiger Woods from 1997 to 2002 and has been featured in Golf Digest.  Antoine also played on Nationwide Tour for two years.

After teaching for nearly 20 years, had the pleasure to learn the game thru many great instructors.  Especially, when I was the Director of Instruction for Nike Golf learning center.  My style is to show reference points and create a routine.  There is a routine for full swing, putting, chipping, pitch shots, and bunkers.  If a golfer has a bad shoot they know how to correct it because of the routine.

Reid West Golf Academies is far one of the best academies a golfer would find.  The knowledge that the pros bring is exceptional.  You can be a single digit handicap player to a beginner, and the pros can help any level golfer improve their game.  Most important the environment at the academy is truly professional and friendly.