Golf Fitness

Training your body to play.

Sometimes strengthening the specific muscles people use in golf is what a player needs the most. At Reid West Golf Academies, we can design a custom fitness program to increase your strength and flexibility that will result in more body control and faster club head speeds. Get the most out of your game by joining a fitness program that works for you.

Get in Shape Today!

Private Session

Do you have a specific issue that is affecting your golf game? We can design a personalized exercise program for you to help you improve your swing.

Duet Sessions (2 People)

Team up with a partner for a workout that where you motivate and encourage each other to do your best. Duets provide the accountability you need to stay consistent so you can master your fitness goals.

Small Group Training
(3+ People)

Get a foursome together and enjoy a full-body interactive circuit workout that’s sure to enhance your performance from tee to green.

TPI Golf Assessment

This is a physical assessment to determine what areas of the body may be the cause of certain inefficiencies and problems in your swing. You’ll perform different movements for evaluation and measurement. Once finished, the results are used to create a plan of corrective exercises to be performed for a period time.

Available at the Following Locations

Sun City West