AimPoint Center


You have seen it on TV and now you can learn how to do it...

The only green reading system in the world that is proven and accurate is now yours to learn. AimPoint is worldwide and has already won an Emmy for it's amazing technology break through which allows people to learn in hours how to read their putts to the inch without so much as bending down...

As Arizona's AimPoint Center we are proud to offer this service throughout Arizona at a course near you.

Clinics will be limited in class size and will include all materials, charts and emialed class notes.

Please call 623-687-4333 or email us at to reserve your space now.

Private instruction is available for all levels of AimPoint on a one on one basis. Hourly instruction rates for all students is $100.

Students can arrange for instructors to travel to their facility and travel rates will apply. Call for details..

To schedule at a Reid West Academies location Click here to book online

AimPoint clinics will be offered in the following options.

Option 1 - AimPoint Express clinic for 1 hour. Single Direction Breaks. Putts Up To 20 Feet

  • Feeling Slope
  • Break Direction
  • Short Putts (<5')
  • Medium Putts (5' to 20')
  • Choosing Correct AimPoints
  • Capture Speed
Option 2 - AimPoint Express 2 clinic for 1 hour. Multiple Breaks. Long Putts Up To Any Length
  • How To Use Express on Long Putts
  • Handling Multiple Breaks
  • Estimating Green Speed
Option 2 - Advanced - Midpoint clinic for 2-3 hours that includes all materials and charts.
Prerequisite - Express Class Strongly Recommended
Limited to 20' and single-plane putts
  • Single-Plane Reads
  • Angular Reads
  • Basic AimChart Usage
  • Measuring Green Speed
  • Skill Development
Materials Provided--AimChart®

Form your own group and schedule your own day and time for clinics. Minimum 2 students - maximum 8.