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Golf: Find the Passion Introduction

Do you wonder why your friends and neighbors are golf fanatics? Why do they spend so much time learning, practicing and playing golf? Well, sinking a long putt and chipping in from off the green are just a couple of exciting experiences that get people hooked on golf. The surprises, spectacular moments and struggles can make golfers so passionate the will search the rest of their lives for more golf greatness.

Reid West Golf Academies has developed a multi-level program that gives anyone the opportunity to experience this excitement and possibly “Find the Passion” for golf. We will provide you with fundamental understanding of the game of golf and the basic skills to play with confidence. This is a great way to learn in a group setting along with others who may have the same questions as you.

The program is broken down into four main levels or “Swings”, where each level will cover these main topics:

Golf Facilities, Rules and Etiquette: We will cover different areas of the golf course so you become comfortable using them. Each level will discuss basic golf course etiquette and the rules of golf. Not being familiar with “pace of play” is one common issue that keeps people from starting to play golf on their own.

Golf Club User Instructions and Swing Fundamentals: Learn basic golf equipment design and receive “user instructions” for each club in the bag. Golfers need to learn how to use the tools they are given to play the game, instead of the old saying, “Use the same swing for every club”.

Practical Applications and Goals: Teaches specific skills to help you perform better on the course. We outline general goals that you should work toward as you add each skill and progress through each level. Obviously, if you can play better or score better, you will get more enterainment and enjoyment from the game of golf.

These 4 “Swings” are what we believe best prepare you to get on the golf course and “Find the Passion”: Open invitation to Golf: Open house introduction for new or beginner golfers.

Find the Passion Curriculum

Bogey Level: Beginning techniques and golfers, Class size maximum is 10 students, Rate is $20 for Sun City West or PebbleCreek residents, $25 for non-residents.

Par Level: Intermediate techniques and golfers, Class size maximum is 8 students, Rate is $25 for Sun City West or PebbleCreek residents, $30 for non-residents.

Birdie Level: Advanced techniques and golfers, Class size maximum is 6 students, Rate is $33 for Sun City West or PebbleCreek residents, $38 for non-residents.

All classes include topics that you can either take as an open group class, a private group class or in an individual lesson.

Classes available now, View Available Classes

Form Your Own Class
This is a great way to learn golf along side your friends. Bring a group of 4 or more and you can pick your own clinic subject, time, and date! Private group clinics are a fun way to learn and improve your game.

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Bogey Putting (PTT) Shots Around the Green (SAG) Full Swing (FLS) Specialty Classes (SPC)
100 PTT100- Fundamental Putting Overview SAG100- Fundamental Short Game Overview FLS100- Fundamental Full Swing Overview
101 PTT101- Basic Setup/Stroke SAG101- Basic Setup & Contact Fundamentals FLS101- Basic Setup & Swing Motion SPC101-Managment/Rules & Etiquette
102 PTT102- Basic Distance Control SAG102- Low Chip Shots FLS102- Developing Consistant Contact/Posture SPC102- Basic Target Focus & Pre-Shot Routine
103 PTT103- Basic Aim & Direction SAG103- High Pitch Shots FLS103- Direction Fundamentals SPC103- How to Conquer Performance Anxiety
104 SAG104- Basic Distance Control FLS104- Swing Motion with Balance & Tempo SPC104- Golf Fitness/Balance & Ranger of Motion
105 FLS105- Short Approach  Shots / Irons
106 FLS106- Long Approach Shots / Hybirds & Fairway Clubs
201 PTT201- Practice with a Purpose SAG201- Practice with a Purpose FLS201- Practice with a Purpose SPC201- Practice with a Purpose
Par Putting (PTT) Shot Around the Green (SAG) Full Swing (FLS) Specialty Classes (SPC)
301 PTT301- Basic Green Reading SAG301- Developing Consistant Contact FLS301- Developing Consistant Direction Contact SPC301- Narrowing Target Focus & Pre-Shot Routine
302 PTT302- Direction Control Inside 25ft SAG302- How to Control Carry Distance/Low & High FLS302- Basic Shot Shaping/High & Low SPC302- How to Build Confidence Before Every Shot
303 PTT303- Lag Putting Outside 25ft SAG303- Greenside Bunker Fundamentals FLS303- Driver Swing Speed Fundamentals SPC303- Golf Fitness/Introduction to TPI
304 PTT304- How to Think on the Green SAG304- How to Think & Practice Around the Green FLS304- Fairway Bunker Basics SPC304- On Course Mentality
305 SAG305- Trouble Shots FLS305- Contact, Speed, Timing & Controlled Shots
401 PTT401- Practice with a Purpose SAG401- Practice with a Purpose FLS401- Practice with a Purpose SPC401- Practice with a Purpose
Birdie Putting (PTT) Shots Around the Green (SAG) Full Swing (FLS) Specialty Classes (SPC)
501 PTT501- Intro to Aimpoint Green Reading SAG501- How to Control Carry & Roll FLS501- Advanced Shot Shaping/Curving with Purpose SPC501- Pre- Routine, Target Focus, & Positive Talk
502 PTT502- Advanced Distance Control SAG502- Advanced Greenside Bunker/Distance Control FLS502- Long Fairway Shots/ Speed & Contact SPC502- Course Management, Trouble & Shapping Shots
503 PTT503- Advanced Putting Inside of 10ft SAG503- How the Lie Determines Choices FLS503- Creating Consistant Trajectory SPC503- Post Routine, Assessing Results & Objective
504 PTT504- Putting Mental Game / Routine SAG504- Fitness Shots FLS504- Yardage Control/Equipment Gapping SPC504- Advanced Fitness for Speed
505 SAG505- How to Convert Up  & Down Opportunities FLS505- Advanced Trouble Shots
601 PTT601- Practice with a Purpose SAG601- Practice with a Purpose FLS601- Practice with a Purpose SPC601- Practice with a Purpose

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