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April 25, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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Online Lessons

To send videos for your online lesson please complete the following instructions.

Step 1: Film (2) Swings

  • Film (1) one Down The Line swing
  • Film (1) one Face On swing

Down The Line                            Face On

Below is a video showing how to film these two views


Step 2: Send Your Swings To Drew Reid

  • Email both swings to
  • Tell us about yourself and the golf goals you would like to achieve
  • You will receive your lesson back as soon as possible

Step 3: Recieve Your Video Lesson Back Via Email

  • Watch your lesson, practice, and get better
  • If you have any addional questions about your lessons please email us at with the date you recieved your lesson and your questions regarding your lesson.