Blayne Hobbs

Blayne Hobbs, PGA

Lead Instructor at Deer Valley Golf Course

A Professional Golfer since 1988, Blayne Hobbs has been teaching golf for more than 20 years. As an All-American in 1988 at Texas Wesleyan, he set out on a life-long journey of learning as much as possible about the game of golf. Along with being a three-time GainesCounty Open champion, he has won over 20 mini-tour and section events.

Blayne has studied the golf swing with some of the world’s best instructors, including Hank Haney. Along with the physical side of golf, the mental aspect is equally important to him. Blayne attributes much of his personal success to studying the way great players think on, and off, the golf course. Dr. Bob Rotella and Dr. David Cook are just two of the game’s mental gurus that have taught him how to incorporate the mind and body experience.

As A full time golf instructor, Blayne is available to assist you in lowering your handicap, as well as increasing your enjoyment of the great game of golf.

It is my passion in life to teach and play golf. It is rare that a person gets to live his dream in life, but I am doing it.

I strive to be the best golfer I can be and get better every year I play. I also strive to become a better teacher each year and help people enjoy the great game of golf by understanding how each individual can get better.

Playing Accomplishments

  • For the second year in a row qualified for the National Club Pro Championship where the top 20 players earn the right to play in the 2011 PGA Championship. Last year finished 29th in a field of 312.
  • Finished second in the Southwest Section Player of the Year points, earning a third straight Goldwater Cup appearance for the 12 best players in the section.
  • 1988 College All-American, 1988 District Champion
  • 3-time Gaines Country Open Champion 2005-2006-2007 with scores of 15-17 and 21 under par for three days.
  • Over 20 Professional wins.